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ZNC Placement
ZNC Placement
18 September 2014
Develin Creek Project - Exploration Update
Develin Creek Project - Exploration Update
11 September 2014
Resource Update - Earaheedy Manganese
Resource Update - Earaheedy Manganese
9 September 2014

Latest Reports

ZNC Quarterly Activity & Cashflow Report to 31st July 2014
June Qtly Activity Statement & Appendix 5B
30 July 2014
ZNC Quarterly Activity & Cash Flow Reports to 31st March 2014
Zenith Minerals Limited is pleased to announce the release of the Quarterly Activity and Cash Flow Reports for the period ending 31st March 2014.
29 April 2014
ZNC Half Year Interim Financial Report to 31st December 2013
Zenith Minerals Limited is pleased to release the Half Year Interim Financial Report to 31st December 2013.
14 March 2014


The Company

Zenith Minerals Limited is a Perth based company focused on increasing shareholder value by the identification, exploration and development of base, industrial and precious metal deposits, principally in Australia.

Zenith Minerals Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in May 2007 (ASX Code ZNC) under the name Zinc Co Australia Limited.
Zenith Minerals Limited recently announced the discovery of significant magnetite iron at the Mount Alexander prospect and high grade manganese in the Earaheedy Basin, both in Western Australia.
The management and board of Zenith Minerals Limited have extensive experience in exploration and development of base metal deposits.

Company Name Change

At the Annual General Meeting held on 25th November 2010, the shareholders of Zinc Co Australia Limited approved the change of name of the Company to "Zenith Minerals Limited".

The ACN number, ASX listing code, telephone and fax numbers, office and postal addresses remain unchanged.

Accessing the domain address will automatically re-direct the user to this site.
Similarly, emails using the '' domain, will automatically be re-directed to the new email address for "Zenith Minerals Limited".



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