EARAHEEDY ZINC PROJECT – WA (Zenith 100%, Rumble Resources option to acquire 75%)
  • Wide spaced drilling defined stratiform zinc and lead mineralisation over 20km of strike within carbonate sediments of the Earaheedy Basin in Western Australia.
  • Historical drilling intercepted high-grade zinc up to 18.6% within an intersection 3.3m @ 11.2% Zn, and 0.93% Pb from 150m. Other drill-holes include 2m @ 8.23% Zn and 2.77% Pb from 103m.
  • Newly recognized sandstone hosted Zn-Pb mineralisation target is focus for immediately follow-up
  • Follow-up geophysical survey and drill testing planned in Dec 2019.

Recent diamond/RC drilling on E69/3464 by Rumble (and summarised in the RTR announcement to the ASX on the 21st October 2019), identified a previously unrecognised sandstone Zn-Pb unit which hosts the higher-grade Zn-Pb mineralisation throughout the entire project.

Rumbles new target has potential for large tonnage, flat-lying, near surface (open pittable) sandstone hosted Zn–Pb deposits.

Two shallow sandstone sub-basins containing Zn-Pb mineralisation have been identified.

The main sandstone-sub basin has an area extent of at least 8km by 2.5km and is open to the southeast.  Only fifteen (15) drill holes have been completed within the Main Sandstone Sub Basin – all are mineralised with over half ending in mineralisation. Drilling intercepts include:

  • 7m @ 4.85% Zn + Pb from 103m EOH in sandstone
  • 6m @ 3.91% Zn, 0.39% Pb from 210.5m in sandstone

The northwest sandstone sub-basin has an area extent of 5km by 2km and is completely open. Only seven (7) drill holes have been completed within the Northwest Sandstone Sub Basin – all are mineralised with drilling intercepts including:

  • 11m @ 3.6% Zn + Pb from 222.5m in sandstone
  • 6m @ 2.52% Zn, 1.02% Pb from 126m EOH in sandstone
  • 7m @ 1.18% Zn, 2.37% Pb from 60m in sandstone

The two sub-basins have over 13km of prospective strike that come to surface under shallow cover on the southwestern margin of project representing an exciting drill target area. The drill target areas have had no previous drilling.